Bamboo and Models

Last summer in California I’d planned a shoot on a coastal location. The model mentioned a grove of trees between the parking area and beach and we planned to work there a bit on the way.

We never actually got to the beach after I saw the trees.

Generally if you put me in a grove of trees, around rocks, or near water, I’m good for a while. Such is the case with this photo of Mikki Marvel from October near Charlotte. We came to a location she’d and this grove of bamboo. It ended up being the only place we worked that day while dodging the rain that marked my whole trip to Charlotte.


Melissa Troutt in Tree

A photo with Melissa Troutt from a warm and overcast morning near the South Carolina coast this spring. The weather wasn’t inviting for most beach goers, but had a nice light overcast perfect for shooting outside. We found this amazing tree right before the ground got swampy (as you can see in the background) a bit inland. Melissa really nailed this pose matching the lines of the tree. Looking at the back of the camera I knew we’d nailed a good one.


It took me a while to edit this photo. I initially saw it in black and white, but I don’t think that was the best choice. It does have some qualities in black and white, but just didn’t quite work as well. In the end I came back to color to bring out the tones of the environment around us. I think it works better in color as the tones of the grass, tree, and Melissa compliment each other so well.


Sequoia trees are big. Really big. As in the below photos is a tree that fell over long ago and was big enough to be a home in the early days of California and can be walked through without needing to bend over. The photo below is taken from just inside that tree. I’m standing straight up.


It’s hard to put into just words how massive these trees are. Two in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks are among the largest living things in the world. Think about how much wood is inside a tree over 200 feet tall and thirty feet around.