Back into the Woods

Kimberly-Marvel-17I always enjoy meeting and working with new models, but I especially enjoy when I get the chance to work with a model again that I enjoyed working with before.  Kimberly Marvel is a wonderful model out of California I’ve had a chance to work with a couple times in the past.  She and her husband were travelling through on their way across the country which worked great as it gave us a lookout to use while shooting so we could travel to one of my favorite locations, but one that this time of year sometimes can have a bit too much foot traffic to shoot nudes.

We met just off the Interstate and drove out to the location to find no cars parked, but oddly when we arrived at our first stop, a waterfall, a couple was already there.  We waited a few minutes until they had left and then with our lookout posted worked for about a half hour at the falls before moving on to other locations.  I explored a trail that I hadn’t worked on before, though I’d hiked about a year ago, and located some good spots there we could work with.  Overall I had a great shoot.

Been busy of late on a new project.  If all goes well then it will be live in a couple days.  Stay tuned for the announcement. (Update – now live Rural Nudes)

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