Leanne Without Snake

Adapting to change is always a useful ability for any photographer. I’ve rarely had a shoot where everything went according to original plan and often some of the best work comes from the unexpected. The unexpected can be good or it can be bad and the difference often comes from how well you adapt to the changes and work them into the shoot. Finding the water over a falls too hard to get a model into might lead you to posing a different way. An example of needing to adjust came after the snake encounter I mentioned a few postings ago.

I’d come to Arizona without planning to do many indoor shots, but I had planned for the possibility of a few and had brought some lighting for those with me. This meant Leanne and I were able to finish that shoot back at my hotel in Phoenix. I’d not planned anything beforehand so I largely had to make this up on the fly, but I think it worked out in the end. While I’d hoped to get in much more outdoor time with her, the results of the indoor work I think came in quite nice.



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