Melissa, Katlyn, and the Best Mistake of a Day

In mid-September I had the chance to work with Melissa Troutt as she was travelling with fellow model Katlyn Lacoste.  The two have worked together quite a bit and it really showed in their images together.  We spent a long and fruitful day working in one of my favorite areas in Northeast Tennessee.  The weather was perfect and we got an amazing day and many great shots including a few that I’m going to share.

I’ve actually rarely worked with two models at the same time.  One of my first nude shoots had a brief overlap where I worked with two models together between working with them alone.  My inexperience left the photos lacking and I didn’t attempt the concept again for a number of years until I’d gained more experience working with just one model.  In fact the next two attempts both had a bit of a jinx as the first was beset with problems and the second last fall came right before the personal issues that put me off photography for a while and it never got the attention it deserved.  In fact I hope soon to go back and process the photos from that shoot again as I know they deserve more attention.

Working with two models is a different experience than working with a single model.  In fact the biggest mistake that I think I made during this shoot was being too conservative in working with them.  I too often took simple compositions and centered the models in the frame instead of more interesting compositions.  It’s a lesson for the next time and a reminder to me to not be as timid when trying new ideas and concepts.  There was one place though where I did not take that conservative route and think the resulting image is amazing.

This image was the one I mentioned and that inspired my Post on Learning from Mistakes.  As I mentioned there, this image was the result of what initially was a mistake.  The image was shot with both Melissa and Katlyn lying on the rocks at a waterfall perhaps thirty feet from me.  A few shots before I’d mistakenly hit the trigger while recomposing by zooming in from a wide angle to close shot of them.  The result of that try was a mess, but I noticed the warping effect you see here in that image.  This was the best of several images that I took experimenting with creating that effect.  The dreamlike and almost vertigo like effect to it really appeals to me.


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