Melissa Troutt in Tree

A photo with Melissa Troutt from a warm and overcast morning near the South Carolina coast this spring. The weather wasn’t inviting for most beach goers, but had a nice light overcast perfect for shooting outside. We found this amazing tree right before the ground got swampy (as you can see in the background) a bit inland. Melissa really nailed this pose matching the lines of the tree. Looking at the back of the camera I knew we’d nailed a good one.


It took me a while to edit this photo. I initially saw it in black and white, but I don’t think that was the best choice. It does have some qualities in black and white, but just didn’t quite work as well. In the end I came back to color to bring out the tones of the environment around us. I think it works better in color as the tones of the grass, tree, and Melissa compliment each other so well.

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