Outdoors with Melissa and the Butterflies

In the middle of a busy week, but so much to blog about.  Adding to everything else I’ve been a bit under weather and spent much of late last week through early this week finishing the Rural Nudes site launch.

In a really busy stretch of shooting at the moment after a relatively quiet April caused by weather and cancelations.  Saturday I had the chance to work with Melissa Troutt again.  I always enjoy the chance to collaborate with her and every shoot always produces amazing results and this one was no exception.  We went to a new location for this shoot and it worked better than I’d hoped.  This location was off the path of the damage from the storms late last month, but I was surprised at how many signs of the storms were still visible.  We still found some good locations to shoot and images will be up on Rural Nudes in the near future.

As we went back to the car at the end of the shoot we came across an interesting display of dozens of butterflies gathering in groups next to where I’d parked.  They were surprisingly accommodating and posed for a few images before we left the area.  The image above shows one kaleidoscope (and yes that is a term for a group of butterflies and yes I did have to look it up) and the photo to the left of Melissa taking a picture shows how close they let us approach without flying off.

The timing was good as the temperature dropped dramatically the day after this shoot.  Fortunately for my shoot today with Keira Grant more normal weather returns in time for us to to go outdoors today.

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