Theresa in the Stream

I’m starting to tackle the huge backlog of unedited shoots dating really back to late spring. Going back to about mid May, basically if it wasn’t photographed for a paying client or a trade shoot of some form where edited photos were part of the trade, I’ve not edited the shoot. In other words I’ve shoots that were done in late spring that I’ve not edited as we move into winter.

So if you’re a model that I’ve worked with since then, expect you may see some photos from that sometime soon as I work through them. Of course I’ll also be posting some here as I finish the editing.

For today a single image of the current group I’m working on of Theresa Manchester from early June.



Bamboo and Models

Last summer in California I’d planned a shoot on a coastal location. The model mentioned a grove of trees between the parking area and beach and we planned to work there a bit on the way.

We never actually got to the beach after I saw the trees.

Generally if you put me in a grove of trees, around rocks, or near water, I’m good for a while. Such is the case with this photo of Mikki Marvel from October near Charlotte. We came to a location she’d and this grove of bamboo. It ended up being the only place we worked that day while dodging the rain that marked my whole trip to Charlotte.


Photo May 4 – Sunset on Jen

One of the last shots of an afternoon with Jen Phoenix as we chased the setting sun up a hill in southern Arizona. Not long after this photo the sun dipped behind the ridge for the end of the day. I really love the sunset light around the desert there and am a little sad it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to make it out there this year..

Jen Phoenix


Sequoia trees are big. Really big. As in the below photos is a tree that fell over long ago and was big enough to be a home in the early days of California and can be walked through without needing to bend over. The photo below is taken from just inside that tree. I’m standing straight up.


It’s hard to put into just words how massive these trees are. Two in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks are among the largest living things in the world. Think about how much wood is inside a tree over 200 feet tall and thirty feet around.



Photo May: May 13 – Jessi in the Water

Going way back to 2009 for today’s image. This comes from early in the year when I first started trying some new experiments in concepts. It’s also the first time I did a shoot specifically targeting outdoor nudes. I’d actually forgotten about this shoot until I started reviewing for this month’s series. Jessi was inexperienced, but good to work with. This was our only shoot together.


Photo May: May 1 – Carlotta Champagne at Falls

This month I’m going to try a bit of an experiment. Mixed in among the more normal entries I’m going to try to post at least one photo every day. Some will be never before posted, and others may be repeats. Some will just be a photo with little other comments, and others may have some added comments about the shoot or other items. I’ll probably start with some of my earlier work, but who knows what will end up here before the month ends.

Today’s starting with a photo from my first and only shoot with Carlotta Champagne back in 2010. An outdoor shoot at one of my favorite locations, which I’d not used that many times before this shoot. In fact I want to say this was only the second time I’d ever used this waterfall as a location. It was a good shoot and enjoyed working with her.


Hannah Perez and Monica Jade – The Falls Three

This actually was the first shoot chronologically in the early part of August. I shot with Bree a few weeks later and Viktoria a few days after that. Hannah always travels with good models and several times I’ve worked with someone for the first time when travelling with her though in this case I’d already worked with Monica for the first time earlier in the year. We planned to meet up near the location for a late morning shoot. In a trend of the month, the weather was threatening calling for about a 50/50 chance of rain even a couple days before. We decided to plan for the shoot to work and hope we got lucky.

Hannah Perez and Monica Jade

We headed up to the location and got there and the weather was pretty cooperative. It was cloudy and the clear threat of rain was there, but not enough to feel we had no chance of getting the shoot completed. We even had a little sun to start, which was an unexpected bonus and curse. We started at the falls. Hannah and Monica work well together, a big advantage of pairing models that know each other before the shoot, and did wonderful work.

Hannah Perez and Monica Jade

We also did the first of the meadow shots and really my favorite work there. The concept here came from talking with the models, the idea is the photographer is a bit of a voyeur coming across the two of them walking together in the woods. It worked nicely.

Hannah Perez and Monica Jade


See more from this shoot at Uncovered Visions.


A couple days before leaving for my trip out west I shot with Ginger for the first time in a couple years.  There’s irony that I last worked with her early in my comeback after a very long break from photography, and this time I worked with her to end my longest shooting break since then.  The green was wonderful this time of year, but the mild winter left things more grown up than expected which limited a few places I wanted to shoot.  Ginger was wonderful to work with as always.  The shoot went well except for an annoying encounter with stinging nettle that she refers to as Nettlepacolypse.  A few photos from the shoot.