Things I’ve Learned the Last Few Weeks

A few random observations from the last few weeks.

  • Most people are wonderfully understanding and supportive when you’re dealing with life. It’s easy to focus on the jerks, but there are truly a lot of wonderful people in the world.
  • Finding a coffee shop when you just need a couple quiet hours away from things can work wonders for your mind.
  • It’s surprising how many places contain a Starbucks. Or serve Starbucks coffee. Or are within walking distance of a Starbucks. Or are a Starbucks.
  • On a related note I feel like I’ve run most of the last month on coffee.
  • You probably wouldn’t be surprised that many hospital/doctor type places block ModelMayhem where you can encounter the occasional nude. You might be a little surprised that those that did block it classified it as swimwear. You might be very surprised to fin that fewer block Tumblr where you can easily find explicit adult content. Please explain that one to me.

Baring the unexpected, and that’s really been a description of the last month and a half, more normal posting should resume later this week.

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