Hello? Are you There?

It’s been about four months since my big manifesto post and I’ve not posted anything since.  I felt I probably should explain a bit.  After that manifesto I first took some time off to kind of clear my head.  As I said in that manifesto I was going to look at moving back toward artistic nude style work.  I’d learned pretty early that the number of models in this area willing and comfortable doing nudes is limited.  I knew this change of focus would reduce my pool of potential models and was okay with that. 

The problem has been that I’ve just had an amazing number of shoots not come to pass over the last two months.  I’ve had many shoots scheduled since the first of December and not a one of them came to pass.  In truth though I’ve had more frustrations than good results since back in May of last year.  That’s not to say I haven’t had some great experiences and worked with some great models, but those unfortunately have been few and far between.

Monday a model that I’d scheduled to shoot with didn’t show up with no warning and no reply to my query to her.  It’s left me frustrated and for the first time a little angry.  Usually I shrug and write it off as a lesson learned about the model, but for some reason this one irritated me more than normal.  There was nothing special about the model and she didn’t seem more talented or more beautiful and there is

My initial thought when writing this was to post her profiles to warn others, but that fell like being petty.  In the end I’m just going to chalk it up as another flaky model and move on.

If you’re a model in East Tennessee or coming through East Tennessee who is interested or poses nude and is reliable enough to actually show up and interested in working together let me know.  I’m beginning to wonder if anyone like that actually exists anymore.