Outdoors with Katlyn Lacoste

Katlyn Lacoste in the FallsI’m currently in the middle of a busy two week period both with shoots and general life.  Back on Tuesday I went over to Asheville for a shoot with Katlyn Lacoste.  Her being in Asheville gave me the chance to work at a location that I’d always wanted to go to, but never been able to get the logistics to work out right.  After an early start to beat the heat and crowds we headed down the Blue Ridge Parkway to our location.

It took a little longer to get there than expected thanks to roads that live up to the term mountain roads, but we arrived to find a beautiful location.  The recent rains left plenty of water to work with at and around the falls.  Before the growing crowds drove us to wrap up a bit early we got some very great work in together out there.  I really love the image above with her just at the edge of the falling water.

Katlyn Lacoste Number 20This week I also worked in a shoot with Melissa Troutt on Friday.  Our location turned out to be a nice change and we created three sets with a very different feel all shot within feet of each other.  We also were attacked by a ceiling fan, but that story will have to wait until next time.

I’m very excited about my big project for the month coming up in just a few days.  I’m bringing Melissa Troutt, Hannah Perez, and Keira Grant together for an outdoor shoot later in the week.  I’m very excited about getting the chance get these three great models together.  I’ve worked with all three before and think putting them together will produce some amazing results.

Another shoot this week too with a new model.  Expect many photos in the next few days.

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