Spring Keira Part One

So in a year without winter it decides to get cold for my two outdoor shoots I’d scheduled for today and tomorrow.  Right now it’s in the mid forties right now and raining where it’s been in the 70’s most of the month.  My shoot today with Nyxon changed to indoor and I’ve rescheduled my shoot tomorrow with April to be indoor too.  Getting itchy to get back outside though so hopefully May will be more cooperative.  That’s no guarantee though as cool days are possible even into summer.

Tonight a few images from my shoot in late March with Keira Grant.  These are from earlier in the day before we went outside and playing with some erotic concepts before the outdoor part of the shoot which went perfectly.  Some shots form that coming soon.





A Few Photos Outside with JEM

I always enjoy the first time I can get outdoors and shoot.  This year my first outdoor shoot was with JEM in mid March.  She admitted up front not to usually do outdoor work, but I’d caught her in the right mood.  The warmer than normal spring weather probably helped since it felt more like April or May than March outside the day we worked together.  I took JEM to a favorite spot and near the same place I’d had my last outdoor shoot of the fall with Adrina Lynn.  She did wonderful work and glad to be outdoors again.