Multiple Exposures

Melissa on Both Sides of the LensEarly this year I decided to play around with the idea of multiple exposures.  The idea is to take several images of the same scene moving the model (or really anything in the photo, but with me it’s going to be a model) and then combining them into a single photo.  I first tried this in a shoot with Nyxon early this year (other photo from shoot here).  I made some mistakes that meant I never could get the results that I wanted from the shoots, but learned a lot to help the next time I tried the idea.

The warm weather started pulling me outdoors and I never got back to the idea and had decided to look at again when cooler weather returned.  Then in early August Melissa Troutt and I discussed doing a shoot around exposures and met up in mid August to do that.  Definitely felt that I’d learned from that first try and the results were much better this time.  I’d purchased a film SLR earlier in the month so for part of the shoot we played around with the concept of the model photographing herself.  I still learned some things that I’ll work next time I play with this idea this coming weekend, but this time got some great images out of the shoot.

Taking a Self PortraitA couple photos form the shoot.  Some other photos from the same shoot, but a different concept coming soon.

July Outdoor Shoot

A few photos from from a late July shoot.  First time I’d worked with her and quite enjoyable to work with.  We did an outdoor shoot again and we made it to a waterfall that is one of my favorite spots.  You’ve seen the location before in my shoot last fall with Melissa and Katlyn and I often shoot in the same area when not at the falls.  The falls is very dependent on water flow and this day it just wasn’t there in spite of some decent rain in the days before.

Bree Arched



Bree by the Stream

Next to the Stream


Bree Across the Bridge

Across the Bridge

A Shoot with Brynn Cook

Been a bit busy.  A downside of working in education is that mid August through Labor Day are chaos and leave little time to do anything else.  Not many shoots of late because of that as work combined with starting back on my graduate classes after a welcome summer off from being a student.  I did get the chance to catch up with processing photos from some recent shoots.  Here are a few photos from my July shoot with Brynn Cook, a wonderful model out of the Washington DC area.  We did some work with fabrics and I like the results.  As always click on an image to see the full size version.

Brynn Cook with Cloth

Brynn Cook with Cloth 2

Brynn Cook in Blue