Photo May: May 31 – Wonderhussy in the Desert

And Photo May comes to an end, I kept the pace to post an image each day. It was close one day where I didn’t post the photo until late in the evening.While I don’t think I could keep this pace of posting up all the time, I did enjoy the excuse to look through my older work and rediscover a few images I’d overlooked in the past. I also found a few that were improved I think by a new editing eye. I think I’ll look to increase the posting pace for a while, though likely to a more sustainable one or two posts per week.

Today’s image comes from what ended up as damn hot day in the Nevada desert. Taken on my last visit to Las Vegas with Wonderhussy, perhaps the best model alias ever. This was the last shoot of the vacation trip where I first visited the Grand Canyon that year. I loved this location, but we waited way too late in the day to get started and it quickly got too hot to work. This interestingly shaped spot in the rocks caught my attention. Heading back to Las Vegas in June and looking forward to seeing the American West again.


Photo May: May 29 – Aubrey Church

A rare trip into more sexually charged photography with this image of Aubrey Church. I rarely shoot purely erotic concepts like this. It comes an early year exploration of a sleeping beauty concept as part of my dark fairy tales themes. Probably the hardest set of images to edit to my satisfaction that I’ve done this year reflected in the fact I’ve posted none until now. More from the shoot can be seen in the member’s area.

Aubrey Church

Photo May: May 28 – Xania in the Woods

May marked the busiest month of shoots I’ve had since last year, but other commitments have kept me from getting photos posted here. I’m changing that today with these photos of Xania taken around the middle of May on a gorgeous spring day. These were done working around some rock formations I frequently shoot near. More coming soon done at a nearby waterfall.



Photo May: May 26 – Colorado River in Grand Canyon

Happy Memorial Day to US readers. This photo comes from my backpacking trip to the Grand Canyon last fall. You see an image of the Colorado River taken from the Silver Bridge that connects the two banks of the river. I took this around mid-morning as I began my climb after a night at the Bright Angel Campground to Indian Garden Campground. It and the nearby Black Bridge provide the only crossings of the river for several hundred miles. The bridge runs around sixty feet above the river (I never could find an actual height) with a metal grate flooring allowing you to look down at the river below. Looking down also shows a water pipe, the trans-canyon pipeline, which provides the water supply for the entire tourist area on the South Rim. There are several places along the Bright Angel Trail where the pipeline is again visible above ground.

Colorado River from Silver Bridge in Grand Canyon