Is Living up to a Commitment Too Much to Ask?

Sorry, but I need to vent here.  I had a location for a shoot this afternoon where I’m staying for a few days.  When I’d booked it three weeks ago, I specifically asked permission to use it for some photography and made no secret about the type of photography that I do.  I checked in yesterday and asked a few questions so my shoot would be as smooth as possible and cause no disruptions.

So this morning I get a knock on my door from the owner and he’s decided that he’s not comfortable with the shoot.  I respect that this is his place and if he’s not comfortable with this type of work I can respect, if not agree, with that.  But the time to tell me this is not three hours before the shoot, but when I booked or at least a few days before.  It put me in a rather bad spot with little hope of finding an alternative spot and if I did, a significant chance that I’d never get in touch with everyone involved in time.  We finally come to an agreement where he grudgingly lets me do the shoot as planned so long as I promised to be discreet (as though I planned to have naked women dancing next to the road) and not mention the place in any way.  So I will not mention the place with the photos.  Or anywhere else including to friends.

I understand that not everyone approves of nude and lingerie type photography, but I also think one should live up to an agreement once it’s made.  Keeping your word is an old fashion value too.


Just because it’s going to be that kind of day, one of the models didn’t show up, no warning and no contact, just didn’t show up after sending me an email late last night confirming she’d be here.  I understand that a model working TF* flakes out once in a while, but why would a model being paid not show up?  So I had to dump my idea and improvise on the fly along with the crap from this morning.  It’s days like this that make me want to put all my photography stuff up on eBay and start painting mountains.