A Little Shift of Direction

It’s been a pretty busy few months. I took a somewhat last minute trip to California again in October to work around Death Valley, and it’s been a very busy stretch since then. Posts here have been one casualty along with the Photo Links series I’d started. Facing reality, I’m going to posts with less commentary for a bit. There will likely still be the occasional longer entry, but a lot more just sharing photos. Starting with today’s of Theresa Manchester from a late summer shoot.


A Nymph in the Woods

I was introduced to Nymph by a mutual friend in the community while she was visiting the Asheville area late this summer. We met up and headed into the mountains to work in one of my favorite areas of Western North Carolina including a waterfall that will look familiar to regular visitors. She also was the first model I’ve worked with at a new nearby location that I’d scouted only a few weeks before.



The weather threatened a bit early in the shoot and at our first stop deep in a wooded cove we did have a little drizzle, but that soon left leaving those wonderfully lightly overcast skies perfect for shooting in the outdoors. The long days that time of year gave us almost perfect conditions in fact until the clouds thickened again toward evening. Great work by Nymph and looking forward to our next collaboration.