Katlyn Lacoste

I’m currently overcommitted in my life and I don’t see things changing until sometime around the end of the month at best.  I’ve been travelling an unusual amount for my full time job since mid October and that small nudge seems to have pushed my schedule into overload.  Some things have had to go to the backburner and this blog has been one of them.  The irony of my silence here is that I’ve been doing a lot of shoots lately and have enough material to post to the blog through the end of the year if I did not more.

I have some catching up to do, so for today, I’m going back to September and posting a few photos I did when Katlyn and Melissa were here back in September.  Given the amount of Melissa already on my blog, today I think that I’ll go with just a few with Katlyn alone.

Both are outdoor nudes done earlier that day.