Announcing the eBook Working with a Naked Lady

Last year I started a series on this blog that I’d hoped to turn into a how to series. Basically I wanted to go through the things that I’d learned since starting to photograph the nude and share the lessons and experiences.  I quickly realized that I couldn’t keep posting at the rate I’d hoped and I ended up setting the project to the side. I didn’t give up on the idea though and after a little encouragement this spring started looking at the notes I’d made and what I’d written with the idea of turning it into an eBook.

This summer I began working on that eBook. I wanted to cover the things I wish I’d known when I first picked up a camera and asked someone to pose nude for me. Too many photographers focus on just the technical side of photograph.  While it is important to get lighting correct and I think too many photographers and books for new photographers overlook the even more important aspects of working with models and moving from just snapping pictures of a pretty woman to trying to create something deeper.

Many hours later I’ve almost completed the eBook and am ready to announce it. How to Work with a Naked Lady be available for purchase beginning on December 14, 2011. The book is right now at 119 pages (that may vary a page or two as I finish editing) and contains forty photographs (that will probably increase a bit as I finish editing). I plan to have it available as a PDF file and also on the Amazon Kindle and it will be priced at $9.99.

I also interviewed and discussed what I cover in the book with several experienced and talented models.  Many of them have appeared on this blog before and include Melissa Troutt, Katlyn Lacoste, Bree Addams, Hannah Perez, Keira Grant, and Nyxon. Their input and feedback directly influenced the contents of the book. I address the problems they’ve seen, the things they wish photographers did, and what they need from during a shoot to get the best work. This isn’t just me providing advice, but also advice and suggestions from models about what you should and shouldn’t do.

More info about the book can be found at  I should have a sample chapter up in a few days along with some sample content from.  You can sign up to be notified as updates are published to the site and when the book is available.  There will be a special discount for everyone who signs up before December 14.