Interested in photographing the nude, but have no idea where to start?

The nude form is a classic subject for art dating back to the days of Ancient Greece. Many photographers are drawn to the nude as subject, but have no idea where to begin. Unlike landscapes or wildlife, photographing the nude doesn’t just involve going to the subject, you have to find a model willing and comfortable posing for you. In addition you must to get comfortable working with
a nude subject. It takes time and lots of trial and error to learn on your own.

That’s why I wrote my book for the amateur and new photographer that wants to produce wonderful photos of the nude. In Working with a Naked Lady, I provide over 125 pages of information and over fifty photographs demonstrating what you need to know to get starting photographing nude models. I discuss the basics of equipment, light, and composition to help you achieve the looks that you want. I then talk about finding locations to shoot and developing ideas and plans for a shoot. I then discuss detailed approaches to finding models, communicating before a shoot, and how to conduct a shoot to get the photos you want. I close
by discussing processing your photos, displaying them, and growing as a photographer.

But, it’s not just me that you’ll hear from. I interviewed seven experienced, professional models and asked them the questions I would have liked answered when I first started. They share their advice and comments on what they look for in a photographer, how to communicate with them, the mistakes the see photographers make, and what they wish new photographers knew. In short, you’ll
hear how to work with models from the models themselves.

I’ve been photographing the nude since 2005. I learned the hard way, by trying things, and learning from my mistakes. You can
learn without making all the mistakes I did and learn from my mistakes instead.

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