Blog Back Up

I think I have all the issues from the site move completed.  The blog is back working.  Next I’m going to catch up on some posts I wrote, but couldn’t post over the last couple of weeks then get the gallery back working again along with the new site design.  Again thanks for your patience while working out the bugs.

East Tennessee Weather

East Tennessee weather is really quite interesting in the spring.  For example Saturday evening a model and I were out into the foothills on a shoot until within a few minutes of darkness setting in.  I wore a t-shirt and she posed nude and neither of us got cold (at least until she got into the cold mountain runoff water).  Today it was snowing when I went to lunch.  The high Saturday was a bit over 70.  The high today I don’t think made it to 40.

In any case after a long time off, partly by choice and partly from outside issues, I’ve finally gotten been able to get back into shooting.  I worked with three models over the last week, two new ones and a welcome repeat of one of the first models that I worked with after getting serious, the above mentioned Saturday trip with Melissa.  Some thoughts on the sessions and photos will be coming soon, but it feels nice to be back into shooting again.