Jaylynn aka JEM

The only problem with traveling to the west coast is the trip back.  The direct flights from my nearest airport to Last Vegas had stopped a few months before my trip so I had to connect in Charlotte.  The flight from Last Vegas to Charlotte was over four and a half hours and I moved from Pacific to Eastern time for a three hour time change.  In effect it was almost eight hours later locally when I landed than when I departed Last Vegas.  With a mechanical problem that had me with visions of sleeping in an airport for a while delaying our departure from Charlotte, it was into the wee hours of the morning when I arrived at home.

The next morning when I had a shoot scheduled with Jaylynn.  I’d worked with Jaylynn outdoors earlier in the year taking advantage of the early warm weather.  For this shoot we stayed indoors, probably a good thing as I was about half asleep from jet lag.  Here I went for a nice white background and high key lighting to work with her skin tone for the first sets.  Also a little art nude styled lighting we ended working with a mirror.  A few photos below with more from the shoot available on Uncovered Visions.





More with Jolene Hexx

More from the shoot with Jolene Hexx.  About the only thing we didn’t do that evening was traditional nudes.  After the erotic set, we had just enough time to play with one more set.  Here the idea was unusual angles and positions.  Some interesting results below.





Something Completely Different with Jolene Hexx

My first planned shoot in Las Vegas had been for midday on the June 10, but she asked to postpone to Monday.  That left me the chance to enjoy a leisurely trip in from the Grand Canyon.  The best benefit is that I had the time to take a brief trip into southern Utah on my way and see some of the scenery.  With the new slower approach I didn’t get into Las Vegas until about 5 PM with my shoot scheduled for 7 PM.  That gave me just enough time to make a quick stop to pick up a tripod since I’d forgotten mine at home.  This was actually the only shoot I’d scheduled before leaving that was hotel based.  I ended up shooting in a hotel a few other times on the trip, but this was the only one that I’d planned that way.

I had a couple initial ideas I wanted to explore.  The first was around the idea of emotion and expression and combining them.  Interestingly a few days after I got back from my trip I saw a book with something similar to what I had in mind as the cover photo.  The second was around the idea of Las Vegas itself.  I’m still working on those two sets, much more Photoshop work required, so expect them later on.

Jolene and I worked well together and we were able to work through those initial sets quickly.  In spite of the limited time we had to work, this gave us the chance to look at a couple more concepts.  One set we did focused on an erotic concept.  Nothing subtle in these, just playing with eroticism and sensuality.  I had the idea for a POV positioning for these shots.  That pushed me out my comfort zone a bit since taking these shots required me and the model to get into some “friendly” positioning.  During the shot I added in the idea of adding some interaction between her and myself in the photos.  I think these may be the first photos I’ve ever posted where any part of me is included in the shot.  Definitely the first time it was intentional.

A few photos from that set with more with Jolene to come.






Site Updated

The design remains the same, but just about everything else on the web site has been updated, mostly in the internals that no one (hopefully) ever sees. It should make it easier for me to keep things running smoothly in the future and let me keep posts and content up to date and better organized.

I’ve also taken the chance to update my gallery with newer images. This means most of the old gallery links no longer work, but they should redirect to the new gallery. If you find anything broken, let me know.

Shoot with Plush

Another of the wonderful models from Phoenix I had the chance to work with in June.  Plush contacted me about shooting while I was in Phoenix from the travel notice that I’d posted.  We were able to work out a time my last day in the city, actually the day I left Phoenix heading for the Grand Canyon, and met up about mid-morning after a little confusion over the meeting spot.  Fortunately we were able to get to a good location and get some nice work before the heat of the day and the glare of the sun became too much to work with.  This is not too far from where Jen and I worked during this same visit, but different terrain and different weather.  By the end of the shoot the sun was getting very harsh, but took on the wonderful blue color you can see in one of the photos below.  Enjoy a few photos from the shoot.