Shoot with Melissa Troutt

Last month I had the change to shoot with Melissa Troutt again.  She was one of the first models that I worked with when I started working in nude photography and the first I shot only nudes with (my prior nude work had been at the end of other types of shoots).  When I found out she was coming through Tennessee I was happy to get the chance to work with her again.  She was as skilled and talented as I remember and hopefully my skills were a better match to hers this time.  Just one photo from our shoot for today as I think it deserves to stand alone.


More of Laura

I’ve finally decided after some debate to include nude images directly in the blog.  After all, I’m mostly a photographer of the nude and leaving them out would prevent me from posting most of what i feel is my best work.

So let me present a few more photos from my session with Laura.

IMG_5013 IMG_5049  IMG_5122 IMG_5174

Shoot with Laura

Things are finally settling down and I’ve been able to get back to shooting of late.  A couple weeks ago I had a chance to work with a new model, Laura New.  The weather cooperated perfectly after a few cool days, the day of our shoot was sunny and warm enough for outdoor shooting in comfort.  The mountain water is still too cold to get into it yet, but we still had a fun and productive shoot.  There are several other very nice ones while outside, came back and did some more traditional artistic nudes.  Laura was a joy to work with and I hope to get the chance to do so again.  I think my favorite photo of the day is this one:


I’m still debating if I’m going to start posting photos with nudity directly to the blog.  Not ready to do that yet, so the second best photo of the day doesn’t get shown yet.  It’ll be in the gallery in a few days when I get that back up and running.