Good Hiking Software for Windows Mobile Phone?

I had a good shoot over the weekend.  I hope to get some photos posted from it later this week, but my schedule is hectic so it may take longer.

I have an outdoor shoot tomorrow afternoon and I’m debating between two locations, both waterfalls.  One, Sill Branch Falls, I’ve visited and shot at before.  The other I’ve not and part of me wants to go there tomorrow for that reason.  I may let the model decide given there is a decent difference in the hiking distance of the two.

Doing more outdoor shoots, along with generally getting out and hiking more, has me thinking of getting a GPS for these treks.  I’m pretty good at keeping my bearings and stay to the trails, but it still seems a good idea to take advantage of the technology that’s there.  I thought of buying a dedicated GPS for hiking, but then remembered that my HTC Fuze mobile phone has a pretty good GPS since the update that came out early this month (before that it was almost unusable).  The question is does anyone know of good software for the Windows Mobile platform designed for hiking?

Sorry for the Quiet Stretch, but Things are Coming

A combination of some cancelations and weather has left me with fewer shoots over the last couple of weeks that I’d expected so sorry for the lack of updates.  Somehow I didn’t think anyone would want to see a bunch of posts saying either “It’s raining/storming so I’ve had to reschedule my outdoor shoot today” or “The model for my shoot today canceled/rescheduled on me today.”  It always seems that these run in batches, so hopefully I’m through with a batch.  My next shoot is scheduled for Saturday so hopefully I’ll have some things to write about then.

Be looking for a tutorial on shooting silhouette photos in a studio setup that will be on the site later this week.