Updated Gallery

IMG_3963I took advantage of the wintry weather to update my gallery to a more recent version.  I also added a few new photos including this one of Adrina from the same shoot in November.

This update will allow me to more easily organize and add images to the site and hopefully mean more frequent updates.  Look for some minor changes to the gallery over the next few days.










I Miss Summer

So far it’s been a cold and snowy winter here in East Tennessee.  We’ve already had a few significant snows (around here anything more than an inch is significant) along with an ice storm.  Yesterday had a somewhat unexpected couple of inches that’s already mostly melted, but the forecast calls for more snow overnight into Saturday.

I’ve really enjoyed shooting outdoors since spring and the temperatures and weather make that pretty much impossible now.  With one exception I’ve shot indoors since November began.  That one exception was a short shoot where the model and I talked ourselves into giving it a try.  We got some nice work, but it was way too cold to be shooting nudes outdoors and we had to call it a short day.  I do give the model a lot of credit for braving the elements that morning.


One of the last images I shot that day and therefore one of the last outdoor nudes I shot in 2010.  The model, Adrina Lynn, stopped shooting nudes a few weeks later, so I was glad to get the chance to get to work with her before she made the change.