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My name is Bill and I am a photographer living in Morristown, TN.  My work can primarily be found on the Internet as Candid Vision.

I’ve been shooting since 2005 and photography long ago became more than a hobby.  I feel fulfillment and satisfaction in the creation of images that I could not imagine my life without now.

I shoot many subjects from landscapes to people, but much of my current work involves the female nude.  So why do I shoot nudes?  Ultimately it’s because I’m drawn to the female form as something about the female form always intrigued me.  When I started working in photography I quickly became drawn to the female nude as my main subject.  In some ways after working with my first nude model in 2005 I felt that I found a part of my life that had always been missing, but I’d not known.  I found a way to express though my photography how I’ve always looked at the body of a woman.  It felt liberating.

I think that something in many people like me draws us to working with the human form either as a artist or model.  We share a sense that society’s general view of nudity misses something.  The traditional view that being nude should be reserved for only a few circumstances such as our most intimate moments doesn’t feel right.  We cannot understand the thought that there is something wrong or shameful about the human body. We do not see the human body as something to be ashamed of, but something wonderful to be cherished and celebrated.

Overall I’m an open book.  When we shoot I’ll make sure that you know what I’m looking for so we can work together to achieve a common shared vision.  I approach photography with a passion and want to work with people who want to capture something great every time.  If we schedule a shoot know that I’ll be there and ready to go and I expect the same commitment from you as life’s too short to waste on people that don’t show up mentally or physically.

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