Outdoors with Katlyn Lacoste

Katlyn Lacoste in the FallsI’m currently in the middle of a busy two week period both with shoots and general life.  Back on Tuesday I went over to Asheville for a shoot with Katlyn Lacoste.  Her being in Asheville gave me the chance to work at a location that I’d always wanted to go to, but never been able to get the logistics to work out right.  After an early start to beat the heat and crowds we headed down the Blue Ridge Parkway to our location.

It took a little longer to get there than expected thanks to roads that live up to the term mountain roads, but we arrived to find a beautiful location.  The recent rains left plenty of water to work with at and around the falls.  Before the growing crowds drove us to wrap up a bit early we got some very great work in together out there.  I really love the image above with her just at the edge of the falling water.

Katlyn Lacoste Number 20This week I also worked in a shoot with Melissa Troutt on Friday.  Our location turned out to be a nice change and we created three sets with a very different feel all shot within feet of each other.  We also were attacked by a ceiling fan, but that story will have to wait until next time.

I’m very excited about my big project for the month coming up in just a few days.  I’m bringing Melissa Troutt, Hannah Perez, and Keira Grant together for an outdoor shoot later in the week.  I’m very excited about getting the chance get these three great models together.  I’ve worked with all three before and think putting them together will produce some amazing results.

Another shoot this week too with a new model.  Expect many photos in the next few days.

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How I’ll spend my Summer Vacation

Melissa Troutt On Rock in Stream Been a hell of a last seven days.  Spent most of last Sunday helping a friend clean up a large tree that had fallen over.  Monday started with a voicemail that left me needing a few moments to recover and things have stayed chaotic from there.  I also had to do one of the most unpleasant things I’ve ever done this week.  No shoots either because of my schedule was just too crowded with other things.  Looking forward to a more enjoyable couple weeks coming up.

My plan for the rest of the summer is to do more experimentation and try some new things.  I worked with some amazing models last month including Melissa, Keira, Moon, and Katy among others and all did great work and we got amazing photos in every shoot.  Toward the end of the month I felt that I’d gotten a little too comfortable and not pushed to get a little more from the shoot.

So for the rest of the summer I’m going to try some new things.  I’m looking to start playing around with video a little.  I’m going to try out a few ideas that I’d dismissed as too hard or crazy before.  I don’t know if the results will always be great, but I think the good will outnumber the bad.

I am excited that I get to work with Katlyn Lacoste again in a few days. I Found a great location that I’ve not shot before so look for new photos later in the week. Also things look to be coming together great for a shoot at the end of this month I’ve had in mind for a few months where I am going to work with a three model shoot that I’m very excited for.  I’ve always had a bit of a mixed track record with multi-model shoots. A few have went flawlessly, but many have seen various problems or weirdness arise.  I’m bringing in three models I have worked with in the past, that I think will work well together, and believe the results will be awesome.

Photo above from shoot with Melissa Troutt last month.

Shoot with Xlcr Moon

XlcrMoon-25Continuing my way behind catch up of the shoots from May, I got the chance to work with model Xlcr Moon last month.  I’d not been home for long after my shoot with Keira Grant back in May when I got a message from Xlcr Moon.  She and I had talked about setting up a shoot, but the timing hadn’t looked promising until June.  Now though she was heading out for a trip a bit early and wanted to see if I could do a shoot the the next day.  Luckily I had the evening free and after a bit of texting back and forth we’d managed to set up a shoot.

We met that evening and worked together for a couple hours.  I’ve been coming back inside a bit more recently after spending a lot of the year after it warmed up outdoors.  While I do love outdoor shooting, sometimes you want to explore ideas and concentrate on an emotion or concept that really just doesn’t work outside well.  At the first of the shoot we did a set exploring the idea of sadness and loss.  After that we worked on some bodyscape images with her.  She did great work and you can see my favorite from the shoot to the right.

More images from the shoot with Xlcr Moon are also now up on Uncovered Visions.

Shooting with Mya and Changes in Nature

Mya Matthews in SwimsuitFor my shoot with Mya Matthews back on Saturday I decided to head to an old favorite location.  This location was the one that I’d mentioned in my post about the storms in late April where the storms had been particularly strong and at least one tornado had touched down.  I’d last been there in mid-April, a couple weeks before the storms, and knew there would still be signs of the storm.  But I was surprised at the destruction still visible.  On the drive there I saw a metal roof on a house that looked like like someone used a giant can opener on it.  I saw several buildings that had been destroyed to the foundation.  The most striking was a home where only part of one wall and the foundation remained, but the stove next to that wall looked so untouched that you felt you got could go up to it and fix lunch right then.

The parking area when we arrived was more crowded than I’d liked and it was a bit later in the day than I’d hoped, but by staying off the main paths as usual we avoided seeing anyone until on our way back to the car after the end of the shoot.

Out in the woods the destruction was neither as severe or as widespread as seen on the drive there, but there were signs of the storm everywhere.  I saw dozens of trees, some more than a hundred feet high not just broken, put ripped from the ground roots and all.  Broken branches and limbs were common everywhere.  The photo to the right shows one large tree that had fallen across the trail, but leaving enough room to walk under it.

The damage only affected one location I’d planned to shoot where a small tree had fallen in the middle of a clearing and too much debris cluttered the ground around it.  Overall the shoot went well and Mya was a joy to work with and I’m hoping to get her in for one more shoot her fall schedule makes that more difficult.  While working I did find a new area that we explored a bit and I will have to go back there again soon to see if this new spot will provide some interesting images in the future.

Image at the top one a swimsuit image from the shoot with Mya.

Images from Recent Shoots with Keira and Melissa

The weather feels more like August than June right now, but after my last outdoor shoot with Keira Grant felt like February I won’t complain.  Working with Mya again tomorrow on a mix of some swimwear and outdoor nude work.  I enjoyed working with her back in March and looking forward to seeing what she can do tomorrow.

As promised looking back at the last two shoots that I’ve mentioned on the blog.  First a few images from my shoot with Melissa Troutt in mid-May (the one with the butterflies).  As usual, she did great work and I’m very happy with the images.  I could post probably half of them, but will just settle for these two at the moment.

Melissa Troutt - Melissa In the StreamMelissa Troutt Posed on a Rock

Also as mentioned before I worked with Keira Grant a few days later at the same location, though in much different weather.  For variety though I’m showing some of the indoor images from earlier in the day here.  I wanted to explore some dark, sad, and moody emotions in this set and I think that she nailed it.  Here though are two more slightly uplifting shots though including a very interesting arrangement of limbs.

Keira Grant - Reaching Beyond Your GraspKeira Grant - Pinwheel

In the next few days expect some images from the recent shoots with Xlcr Moon and Katy T along with some of my work from tomorrow’s shoot with Mya.