Fall 2011–The First of the Rest

The first of two final posts to highlight a few last photos from the last three months of 2011 that I want to share.  These didn’t easily fit into the categories of my other posts.  First a few of Charlie Kristine from November.


And now a few of Kerri Taylor from December.


First a few other photos from shoots with Melissa Troutt in October and December.


First Short Movie

Still have another post or two to finish up my 2011 shoots and some 2012 ones to cover.  Over the summer I started experimenting with video.  As with most experiments there was more failure than success early one.  By late summer I felt ready to try a short film.  So in August I produced this short film I’m calling an erotic vignette.  It’s definitely not work safe, very erotic, and by no means perfect.  Still I’m happy with the results and feel I did capture the emotion and feeling I wanted in this clip.  So without further ado, here’s “Welcome Home.”

Starring Hannah and Jordanna

Copyright 2011 by Candid Vision

Fall 2011 Continues–In the Boudoir

In 2011 I focused mostly on shooting outdoor and artistic nude styled work.  I did work in glamour a couple times this fall while shooting with Charlie Kristine and Brynn Cook.  Boudoir is my favorite glamour style.  Whether or not nudity is in the photo, boudoir focuses on allure and seduction.  Sexuality is present, but subtle instead of in your face.  It’s a whispered promise, not an overt request.  I find it feels more flirty and real compared to most glamour which tends toward exaggeration and fantasy.

In the November shoot with Charlie I primarily worked on the idea of her with a man’s dress shirt and tie for our boudoir set.  Charlie again does a wonderful job looking sexy and alluring.  I’m not sure what it is about a beautiful woman wearing a man’s dress shirt and nothing else that just screams sexy, but Charlie pulls it off well.


We also played with a few poses using the tie with a bit of a kinkier edge.  I like these in black and white.


During my shoot with Brynn, we also explored some boudoir photos.  One of these I put in my Best of 2011 post and I won’t repeat here.  But a few others I especially liked from the shoot.  The first I think approaches the erotic, but still leaves more to the imagination than it reveals.


Another few from the shoot playing with the perspective.  Looking down on the model from above adds an interesting element of intimacy to the photo.  It looks more that you’re looking down at the subject while above her, a perspective with obvious implications in the boudoir.


Fall 2011 Continued – Water

One of my goals for November and December was to try to experiment with some new concepts and ideas.  I already posted about some work with the Japanese lanterns, but there were other concepts.  Another idea I wanted to work with included water indoors.

Most of my outdoor shoots are located near streams, lakes, or rivers because I enjoy combining the nude with water.  If we shoot, and the temperatures are warm enough (or even close to warm enough), then expect you’ll likely end up wet by the end.  Of course that only works for those months a model can comfortably pose in the water.  Even if the air is warm, the water coming down mountain streams can be much colder.  Really it seems that May through October seems to mark the limits with the first and last of those months being iffy.  For instance I worked with Keira outside on a comfortable day at the end of September on a day, but saw snow the next day.  I got in two outdoor shoots in October thanks to nice temperatures and luck.  Still in all three shoots there were limits to the amount of time I could get the models into the water due to the cooler air.

So, I’ve begun to explore working with water inside.  Again as with the first shoot with the Japanese lanterns, these are more experimenting with a concept than a refined idea.  First I tried shooting by dribbling water on a model.  Charlie Kristine did some nice work with this one as I subjected her to something a little too close to water torture.  I did get a few good images, but realized I’d need to go somewhere else to get the results I hoped.  And the table in the photo was not harmed creating this photo.

Charlie Kristine in Water

Next I worked with Rachel Dashae for the first time and we did some work on the idea.  Here I put her into my shower.  Lighting the tiny bathroom proved to be quite a challenge, but again I was able to produce some results I liked.

Rachel Dashae in the Shower IRachel Dashae in the Shower II

Last model I worked with this idea on was Xlcr Moon.  She brought the wonderful, and in retrospect obvious, idea of using oil to help bead the water on her body.  The results completed more what I’d been looking for in these shoots and this photo shows I think the best example of the concept.

Xlcr Moon in the Water

Catching up on Fall 2011 Continued–The White Light

In late November I walked into the town’s Pier 1 with the plan to buy a Japanese lantern.  I’d had the idea to shoot using once since seeing one at a friend’s home during the summer.  By luck I walked in right in the middle of a huge clearance sale on the lanterns.  So instead of leaving with one or two as I’d planned,  I left with about ten lanterns in various sizes from a huge sixteen inch to a few small four inch lanterns.

Nyxon got to be my first test subject as we shot together a few days later.  Lighting with the lantern turned out to a little tricky.  It puts out a small amount of light so it requires a very still model and longer exposures to get the effect I wanted.  Still putting the camera on a tripod allowed me to get a few interesting shots such as this multiple expose of Nyxon.  As before, Nyxon was a joy to work with given the experimental nature of this shoot along with some fake snow I’ll be posting more about later.


Second shoot using the lanterns came during my shoot with Kerri Taylor.  Kerri and I had discussed shoots a few times before, but this was the first time we’d been able to connect.  Really enjoyed working with her, and she did well for the lantern portion of our shoot.  As always having done this once I was able to try some more interesting things with Kerri trying to take advantages of the strengths of the lighting.  I especially like the first one below where she’s looking up into the lantern.


My third time working with the lantern came in a shoot with Melissa Troutt later in December.  Here I felt more open to trying some new ideas and playing with some new poses.  Here the idea was to pull more into her interacting with the lantern.  As always, Melissa did great work yielding the photos below.


Overall I like the lantern.  The light is a bit harder than I’d expected, but I have some ideas to go from here.  I have an LED bulb that can do some color options that I think will be interesting to pair with this.  I also plan to explore adding in more lanterns.