Glamour and Art with Ivy Lee

Winter is an odd time in the south. I normally write my posts a few weeks in advance so I have some leeway in case other parts of life get in the way. As I write this in late January we’ve just had a pretty strong snowstorm and bitterly cold winds. The entire month of January was quite cold, but just before each cold snap we’ve had a very nice day or two of warm and pleasant weather. I met Ivy to shoot over in Asheville on one such warm day between cold weather days. I’d been a little worried about making the shoot as I’d suffered a broken pipe thanks to the extreme cold earlier in the week. Thankfully I was able to make repairs to my home and still make the shoot.

While warm, it wasn’t outdoor weather. In the end we wound up working at a hotel in the city which worked nicely. Early in the shoot we worked through some nice glamour styled work. There was an original concept here related to the fairy tales concept I mentioned in my Shoot with Xlcr Moon, but in the end the location didn’t quite work for my thoughts so I worked with just a traditional glamour look.



After those we worked through some art nude work. First we did some work using some paper lanterns as the sole light source. I’ve played with a few times in the past and they have some interesting strengths and weaknesses in lighting. One resulting photo I particularly liked this nice silhouette image of her against the lanterns.


And finally we wrapped with a few more traditional art nudes images.


Again Ivy was wonderful to work with. And as always you can see more in the members area on either the glamour or art sides.

Dark Fairy Tales with Xlcr Moon

One of the concepts that I’m starting to work on over this year will be talking a more adult and darker takes on some fairy tales. The idea is to try to find an interesting middle between the modern sanitized versions and the original darker stories that are often much more dark, morbid, and violent.

My first shoot around this concept came in a late December shoot with Xlcr Moon. Here we took the idea of Snow White and the Evil Queen. She had a wonderful dress and cape that worked for the concept beautifully. Here are a few photos from the shoot.

See more of the shoot on the members site at and




Kelsey Dylan and the Fireplace

Sometimes my shoots are planned weeks, occasionally months, in advance. The details are often finalized much nearer the shoot, specifics like wardrobe say, but the date and often time are set well beforehand. Then sometimes shoots set up a few hours beforehand.

I’d worked with Kelsey before in the summer of 2012 in my first attempt at light painting. We’d spoken a bit about shooting as she was back in the area in December 2013, but weren’t sure things would set into place. When she contacted while in town though we were pretty quickly able to make things settle into place for a shoot that same evening. I headed over to Asheville in the evening to meet her at the place she was staying. The owners had graciously allowed us to shoot there and had a nice place to work in.

I love older houses to work in. There’s a texture and character that comes into a building as the years pass. We started with some nice figure work in her room before moving to a basement area with a wonderful fireplace surrounded by nice masonry.

Kelsey-Dylan-2013-12-10-14 Kelsey-Dylan-2013-12-10-8 Kelsey-Dylan-2013-12-10-9

As always see more from the shoot in the Members Area.