Wacom Intuos Tablet Fix

Ran into an issue tonight where Windows 7 did not recognize that my Wacom Intuos4 tablet was attached.  In fact the tablet didn’t seem to notice it was attached either.  The power LED lit, but nothing else showed.  I tried updating to the newest driver with no effect.  When I went into the Control Panel and tried to open the Wacom Tablet Properties I got a message “Tablet Driver was not Found”

After reading a number of forums that seemed similar issues, I finally found something that fixed it for me.  I went into the Devices and Printers and right clicked on the tablet device there.  I clicked on Tablet Preference File Utility and then under All User Preferences selected Remove.  Immediately the tablet returned to life and I was able to get back to photo editing.

Hope that helps anyone running into a similar issue (or myself if it happens again).

Melissa from July, Part One – Artistic Nudes

The second set from my vacation time.  I was able to shoot with Melissa Troutt again in mid July.  We’d planned some more outdoor work, but the weather did not cooperate as rain filled much of the day.  The rain was needed after several dry weeks, so I’m not going to complain about it so hopefully Melissa and I can do more outdoors next time that she’s in the area.  Trapped indoors by the weather, we decided to go in an artistic direction for the shoot and then finished with more glamour styled images.

The only problem in working with Melissa is that you get so many great photos that it’s hard to pick the best.  So I’m going to split them up a bit.  This first set will consist of what I’d consider the more artistic nudes while the second set will consist of the more glamour styled images.

IMG_0854 IMG_1023 IMG_0807 IMG_0720

A Couple Shoot

A bit behind due to some good (vacation) and bad (loss of a family member and health scare with another who’s now fine).  While on vacation I managed a few shoots and some images of those are coming beginning tonight.  I did a couples shoot with a local model (which is a rare thing) and her boyfriend.  She’s still fairly new and this was the first time he’d ever modeled.  Overall I think they came out pretty nice.

IMG_0656-Edit IMG_0673-Edit IMG_0642-Edit