Photo May 9 – Computer Problems

No photo today due to technical difficulties. I’ve been seeing some computer issues the last few weeks, enough that I took mine in to the Apple Store for some testing a couple weeks ago. They found nothing in tests, but things continued to get worse. Last night it finally got to the point it was constantly crashing, restarting, and locking up so I took it back to the store today. This time the test showed what I expected, a bad video card.

In short it’s being sent off for repaid, the model is part of a group having video card issues so it’s likely not going to cost, but I’ll be without my main computer for probably the next week. I have a second computer, but expect I’ll be a bit slow on responses, replies, and the like for the next week. Also not sure if I’ll be able to get photos for at least a few days so photo may be on hold.

Photo May 7 – Ava from California

Another photo from last summer working with Ava Cali near the coast between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Nice little hidden location with some wonderful trees that I couldn’t pull myself away from to get where we’d actually originally planned to shoot. My first loves outdoors I think will always be rocks and water, but trees also rate quite high on the list.