Melissa Troutt in Tree

A photo with Melissa Troutt from a warm and overcast morning near the South Carolina coast this spring. The weather wasn’t inviting for most beach goers, but had a nice light overcast perfect for shooting outside. We found this amazing tree right before the ground got swampy (as you can see in the background) a bit inland. Melissa really nailed this pose matching the lines of the tree. Looking at the back of the camera I knew we’d nailed a good one.


It took me a while to edit this photo. I initially saw it in black and white, but I don’t think that was the best choice. It does have some qualities in black and white, but just didn’t quite work as well. In the end I came back to color to bring out the tones of the environment around us. I think it works better in color as the tones of the grass, tree, and Melissa compliment each other so well.

Candace Nirvana in Leaves

Realized recently that I’d not posted a lot of work from the west coast last year, and I’ve decided to rectify that beginning today.


While I was in Bay Area I had the chance to work with Candace Nirvana in Berkley on a nice summer afternoon. It was in the middle of a busy day where I had two other shoots also scheduled that day, the most of any single day for the whole trip. In spite of planning to spend the day mostly working in studio, we were able to take advantage of the weather to do a little outside work nearby.


Welcome to Candid Vision

I’m an experienced photographer located in Morristown, TN. I primarily work and attempt to capture the grace and beauty of the female form either clothed or nude. My goal is to make artistic work we can both be proud of, but what I enjoy is taking photos whether of people, landscapes, or anything else that catches my attention.

Right now I’m primarily working with fine art nude and outdoor nude projects and looking for models experienced in those styles. If you’re not interested in posting nude, that’s fine as I’m always interested in working with models not interested in nude work, but wanting to make great images. Let me know what you’re comfortable with and I’ll bet that I have an idea in mind that will fit you.

Overall I’m an open book. During a shoot I’ll talk your ear off and make sure that you know exactly what I’m looking for so we can work together to achieve a shared vision. I approach photography with a passion and am looking for serious models who enjoy their work and want to capture something great every time.