Waterfalls From Earlier this Week

Spent a few days out in the middle of nowhere earlier this week which is always a nice recharge. Did a total of ten miles of hiking one day and also did a nice short, but steep trip to the base of a waterfall. I’ve been here a few times before, but thanks to such a wet spring there was more water than I’d ever seen before. A few shots from the shorter waterfall. And yes that is a suspension bridge across it at the top of the first photo. No, you cannot take a decent photo from that bridge. Yes, I tried.


Cane Creek Falls

Cane Creek Falls

And a couple shots of a larger waterfall. The first was taken near the base and the blurriness comes from the spray off the falls hitting my lens. The second was taken on the way back up.

Fall Creek Falls from Base

Fall Creek Falls

Working with Ivy lee

Had the chance to work with Ivy Lee for the first time last month. A nice lingerie shot from some glamour work we did early on. I’ve picked up a new plugin for black and white work that I’m playing with so look for some of the more art styled and nudes later on.