Welcoming Back Spring

IMG_7293With the arrival of March spring begins in East Tennessee.  The temperatures climb and the rains begin and while there are moments where winter reminds you its not given up yet, most days do not.  I’ve gotten two outdoor shoots this month, both with new models and looking forward to more coming into April and a favorite returned this month giving us a chance to work together again.  I’ve spent much of the winter working on a couple of new projects that are about to go live to world and will be mentioned soon.


IMG_7236So now a few photos from the first outdoor of the year with Mya the first weekend in March.  Shooting that early always is risky with the unpredictable weather and in this case other commitments also meant a late start.  The shoot was on a day just warm enough to be comfortable most of the time.  Early the biggest issue was the wind that made things a bit cooler and made posing a bit hard, but at times could give some interesting effects (see left) but reminding us of the heavy rains heading our way.


IMG_7304The last images including this one of Mya on a log were done as the rains started to move in and our trip back from this location to the car was conducted in a light rain that increased to a downpour as we drove back to where we’d met up earlier in the day.  Overall a good day and nice to get back outdoors for the year.  Looking forward to the outdoor season as we move forward.