Photo May 4 – Sunset on Jen

One of the last shots of an afternoon with Jen Phoenix as we chased the setting sun up a hill in southern Arizona. Not long after this photo the sun dipped behind the ridge for the end of the day. I really love the sunset light around the desert there and am a little sad it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to make it out there this year..

Jen Phoenix

Photo May 1 – Ginger Against a Rock

Last May I did a little personal challenge where I wanted to post an image to the site every day for the month. I’ve decided to do that again this year starting today. For today’s photo I go back to 2012 and an image with Ginger done at what at the time was a favorite location, but one that I seldom use now. A mix of having done shoots there a lot and it’s not as out of the way as it once was and harder to use.

Ginger Against Rock