Kay Jay in a Quiet Room

My schedule has lost some flexibility over the last few years. I rarely get the chance now to travel just for the purpose of working with someone unless I can wrap multiples shoot or add in additional tasks on the trip.

This shoot with Kay Jay was an exception. I did work in dinner with a friend on the trip, but mostly it was to work with her. The shoot went well I think, and I particularly liked the column you see at the left side of this image. 


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Winter work with Nathalia Rhodes

I ended up not shooting the entire month of January this year. The break for the early part was a mix of intentional time off and a persistent cold, but my planned shoots the later part of the month all fell victim to various types of wintry weather.

Nathalia Rhodes

That trend continued into February. The first shoot of my year with Nathalia Rhodes came on a cold, February day, but one where enough melting had occurred I was able to get through the mountains into North Carolina. The next day several inches of snow came down so we did barely squeeze into the one decent weather day out of a week.

Nathalia Rhodes

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Moon and Kitty

Still shooting as I can, but life still busy and editing is still not getting high enough in the priority list at the moment. Though it’s a bit late for national cat day, here’s my kitty Morticia working herself into my shoot with Xlcr Moon last night. @xlcrmoon


How Long Again?

Had the thought come to me as I was driving home through the pouring rain from North Carolina late this afternoon. I don’t know the exact date, but sometime right around the end of September/first of October 2005 was my first “real” shoot. By that I mean model that somewhat knew what she was doing while I had no clue what I was doing. And the photos from it largely show I had no idea what I was doing.

Still it’s been about ten years, many models, and a lot of images since then, and I’m still enjoying it. Just had a wonderful few days working around Charlotte, NC and hopefully will be back editing this summer’s backlog of work soon.

Rebecca Lawrence in Stream

Still really swamped by life right now, and editing photos really just isn’t happening very often. I’ve barely been able to shoot the last three months, little alone edit photos from those shoots. Still did have to get this one done as I’ve had the idea for literally several years for this shot, but water flow and weather never worked out quite right until a shoot last week with Rebecca Lawrence.


Vex Voir on Film

I’ve decided to get back to posting with some of my film work from this year. I’m fairly new to film having only started shooting late last year, and really not that seriously until the early months of this year. During the winter months I did some workshops and courses with a fairly nearby community darkroom to learn to develop and print my own work. I’m enjoying the development process, but am fully in love with printing from film.


So today some scanned film from my work with Vex Voir back in early May.  We had the chance to get outdoors earlier this year and try a semi-new location. I’ve been here before, but together we tracked down a new waterfall location that had eluded me in the past, though no film work there. This work came in a quiet off trail area I’d not used before.



Photo May 9 – Computer Problems

No photo today due to technical difficulties. I’ve been seeing some computer issues the last few weeks, enough that I took mine in to the Apple Store for some testing a couple weeks ago. They found nothing in tests, but things continued to get worse. Last night it finally got to the point it was constantly crashing, restarting, and locking up so I took it back to the store today. This time the test showed what I expected, a bad video card.

In short it’s being sent off for repaid, the model is part of a group having video card issues so it’s likely not going to cost, but I’ll be without my main computer for probably the next week. I have a second computer, but expect I’ll be a bit slow on responses, replies, and the like for the next week. Also not sure if I’ll be able to get photos for at least a few days so photo may be on hold.

Welcome to Candid Vision

I’m an experienced photographer located in Morristown, TN. I primarily work and attempt to capture the grace and beauty of the female form either clothed or nude. My goal is to make artistic work we can both be proud of, but what I enjoy is taking photos whether of people, landscapes, or anything else that catches my attention.

Right now I’m primarily working with fine art nude and outdoor nude projects and looking for models experienced in those styles. If you’re not interested in posting nude, that’s fine as I’m always interested in working with models not interested in nude work, but wanting to make great images. Let me know what you’re comfortable with and I’ll bet that I have an idea in mind that will fit you.

Overall I’m an open book. During a shoot I’ll talk your ear off and make sure that you know exactly what I’m looking for so we can work together to achieve a shared vision. I approach photography with a passion and am looking for serious models who enjoy their work and want to capture something great every time.