Wacom Intuos Tablet Fix

Ran into an issue tonight where Windows 7 did not recognize that my Wacom Intuos4 tablet was attached.  In fact the tablet didn’t seem to notice it was attached either.  The power LED lit, but nothing else showed.  I tried updating to the newest driver with no effect.  When I went into the Control Panel and tried to open the Wacom Tablet Properties I got a message “Tablet Driver was not Found”

After reading a number of forums that seemed similar issues, I finally found something that fixed it for me.  I went into the Devices and Printers and right clicked on the tablet device there.  I clicked on Tablet Preference File Utility and then under All User Preferences selected Remove.  Immediately the tablet returned to life and I was able to get back to photo editing.

Hope that helps anyone running into a similar issue (or myself if it happens again).

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