Keira and the Falls

Working with models that are travelling through the area always requires some flexibility.  Plans change due to everything from the weather to cancelations to transportation problems.  In spite of the best efforts of all involved sometimes things fall through.  A little luck always helps though.  Keira Grant and I had a shoot scheduled in late July, but her plans got thrown into chaos by some transport problems.  Luckily I had a few shoots already scheduled in Asheville the same time she was near the city and we were able to connect.  First part of the shoot we worked around a waterfall that I’d found earlier in the summer.  I love this location, so much that I kind of worry about overusing it.  The distance should help with that though and this is only the second time I worked there.  As always Keira does wonderful work.

Keira Grant at the Falls 1

Keira Grant at the Falls 2

Keira Grant at the Falls 3

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