My eBook is Out

t-3d-coverA bit more than six months after I seriously began writing my eBook, it is now available for purchase.  I’m both excited and a little nervous to put this out there after so long.  I always heard the description that art is never complete, but only abandoned.  Definitely put that as my experience with this eBook.  Until literally the last day possible, I edited and made changes.  I make no claims of perfection, but I really believe this contains valuable information for anyone either new to photographing of the nude or frustrated with their efforts to do so.  My focus is not on the equipment, but on planning, lighting, and working with the model to get the best results.  My focus is on making art through photography of the nude form.  You find learn more about the book and buy it at  Still working on The formatting for the Kindle version that will (hopefully) be available through Amazon early next week.

I’d like to especially thank Melissa Troutt, Katlyn Lacoste, Hannah Perez, Bree Addams, Nyxon, Keira Grant, and Brynn Cook who were especially helpful by doing interviews that are part of the eBook or reviewing parts of the eBook along the way.  You’ll find all those wonderful models quoted in the book along with photos of them and many more.  In the eBook you’ll see photos of:

  • Abree Anna
  • Adrina Lynn
  • Ali
  • Ashley Graham
  • Bree Addams
  • Brynn Cook
  • Carlotta Champagne
  • Charlie Kristine
  • Deanna Deadly
  • Ginger Lee
  • Hannah Perez
  • Katlyn Lacoste
  • Katy T
  • Keira Grant
  • Kimberly Marvel
  • Laura New
  • Lauren WK
  • Melissa Troutt
  • Nyxon
  • Rachel Dashae
  • Velocity
  • Xlcr Moon

It’s been a long ride and over the last month it feels that I’ve done little other than work and edit this eBook.  Writing it turned out to be much more work than I expected, but also more rewarding than I’d expected.  It’s also been the reason I’ve been rather silent on here the last few months with all my writing time focused on the book instead.  I have a lot of shoots to catch up on editing and a lot to post here.  The irony is that I shot quite a bit in November, but had time to edit almost none of it.  I have shoots with some old friends in Melissa Troutt, Adrina Lynn, Charlie Kristine, Nyxon, Katy T, Xlcr Moon coming in addition to some new models in Kerri Taylor, Rachel Dashae, and Briella Jaden.  I also have some material that didn’t make the final book for size or time reasons I hope to put out here sometime soon.

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