I Hate Memory Cards – Updated

Updated – I tried another program that I was able to salvage the photos with.  See the next post for details.

Nothing sucks the fun out of a shoot like finding out you lost some great shots because a memory card bombed out.  Short version.  At the end of a recent shoot I agreed to shoot a short set up swimsuit photos for the model.  She had a bright pink bikini against a bright green background that I have that looked great.  It was a perfect combination of model, outfit, and lighting.  I saw at least two awesome shots in the quick set that would be posted here if I had them.  So I get back to my computer and attempt to pull the photos into Lightroom so the model can see them before she leaves.  It finds nothing on the card.  I realize that the card was an old one that actually used to be in a PDA that I stopped using about two years ago and I’d not formatted it before starting the shoot.  It worked fine when I shot with it, but now I can’t find the photos.  I put the card back into the camera and it now tells me the card isn’t formatted.  Where was that message before?  I’ve run it through a couple of recovery programs and neither found any of the files.  This is the first time that I’ve completely lost photos and I’m ticked off right now.

Lessons learned:

  1. No matter how big of a hurry you are in, always format a card in the camera if you’ve not used it in the same camera recently.  Actually I think that I’ll start doing it no matter what.
  2. When you are hurrying is always when you make mistakes so slow down.

The good news is that the other photos from the shoot are all fine, just that last set are lost.

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