In the Woods with Porcelain

There has been a lot of poor luck around my outdoor work this year. Many planned outdoor work was postponed by the rainy weather that’s been common this spring and early summer and much by cancelations, postponements, and rescheduling. And then there was my encounter with a reptile in Arizona. Still I have gotten a few nice outdoor shoots in this year such as this one in May with Porcelain. We were a bit constrained on time so we headed to one of my favorite locations near Asheville to get in a quick shoot.

The heavy rain of the weeks before meant a lot of water over the falls and I spent most of the shoot standing in water resulting in a later purchase of new socks. It also meant getting her her into the falls would definitely not have been safe and the sun wasn’t in the best spot. Still I think we got a few nice shots from the shoot.




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