More Images with Carlotta

A few other images from the shoot with Carlotta Champagne last month.  As I post this image taken on a warm day just over a month ago, today really felt like fall for the first time.  We had a dreary day with temperatures in the 50’s and a cool, light rain much of the day.  I still hope to have a couple more shoots before the weather makes them too cold and have one more shoot that I’ve not posted anything from yet.

This image comes with Carlotta at the base of the falls.  The sun was at the perfect angle to provide a nice highlight on her as she posed here and I was able to capture that fleeting light.  A lot less water comes over the falls in late summer compared to the spring, but the depth of the pool here didn’t differ by more than a few inches from when I’d shot here in March with Melissa.  The difference showed more in the size of the pool as the spot I’m taking this photo from would have been wet in March, but was dry in August.


As a bonus, I’m also posting a variation of the image from my last post.  I think that I like it better in black and white.


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