Updates and a New Camera

Not much posting of late for which I’ll apologize. There were reasons of course, but I’ll not bore you with them other than to say that life got tough and busy for a bit, but now it’s better. The posting frequency should turn more to a regular pace moving forward.

I’ve had some nice shoot over the last few months with some familiar faces along with some new ones.  I will likely do something like I did late last year to catch up after downtime and post some in batches as we move through the end of December and into January. A few have some stuff that I’m very excited about sharing and will go a little more depth into those.

I’m also planning to bring my Tumblr blog over at http://tumblr.candidvision.com/ back to life over the next few weeks. I expect most of my postings will go here and there so if you’re following me either place you won’t miss much if anything.

A last item for today is that I’ve made the move to a full frame camera and now have the new Canon 6D. It’s a jump of a few generations from my existing camera and includes , but I think it’s time where I can take advantage of the benefits of a full frame camera. In my book last year, I noted that the time to upgrade equipment came when you started getting frustrated in the limitations of what you’re using. That time had come. More than once, especially when working outdoors this summer, I felt some frustrations of the low light capabilities of my trusty Canon T2i. It’s also been a bit of a problem as I’ve started working with light painting a method I see myself doing more of going forward. I’ll discuss a bit more about the differences between the two cameras and some of my reasons for changing moving forward in a post to come.

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