Images from Recent Shoots with Keira and Melissa

The weather feels more like August than June right now, but after my last outdoor shoot with Keira Grant felt like February I won’t complain.  Working with Mya again tomorrow on a mix of some swimwear and outdoor nude work.  I enjoyed working with her back in March and looking forward to seeing what she can do tomorrow.

As promised looking back at the last two shoots that I’ve mentioned on the blog.  First a few images from my shoot with Melissa Troutt in mid-May (the one with the butterflies).  As usual, she did great work and I’m very happy with the images.  I could post probably half of them, but will just settle for these two at the moment.

Melissa Troutt - Melissa In the StreamMelissa Troutt Posed on a Rock

Also as mentioned before I worked with Keira Grant a few days later at the same location, though in much different weather.  For variety though I’m showing some of the indoor images from earlier in the day here.  I wanted to explore some dark, sad, and moody emotions in this set and I think that she nailed it.  Here though are two more slightly uplifting shots though including a very interesting arrangement of limbs.

Keira Grant - Reaching Beyond Your GraspKeira Grant - Pinwheel

In the next few days expect some images from the recent shoots with Xlcr Moon and Katy T along with some of my work from tomorrow’s shoot with Mya.

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